Hello. Welcome to the online home of The Gathering in Douglas, Wyoming. We are a "church for people who don't do church." Please come and check us out! We meet in a coffeehouse setting, and fresh coffee is always in the pot! We love God and we love you!

Weekend Services

The Gathering Place Coffeehouse is up and running. Thank you to all who cleaned, straightened, organized, moved, baked, painted, volunteered to help! Please stop by sometime this weekend to just hang out! We'd all love to fellowship in our "coffeehouse!" We pray that we can be a blessing to all the solar eclipse folks!

Church this Sunday will be as usual 9:00 and 11:oo am. However, we won't be having a meal after the second service - we will open the coffeehouse in the afternoon! This week I'll be speaking on "Becoming a Peacemaker in a World Full of Hate." Christians must lead the way in civility - otherwise we will lose our right to even speak! We can set the example, even as Jesus did!

Recent Sermon

Serving Like Jesus

Do Something

Gathering Faith

This book is a collection of stories written by individuals who possess the courage and willingness to expose their vulnerabilities and mistakes. In its pages you will find encouragement, inspiration, and faith grown from life's experiences, whether joyous or painful, and everything in between. Join the authors as they pour their pain, limitations, failures, and successes, and how God has worked in their lives. Heartfelt words march boldly across the pages sharing how faith is won step by step in the practical territory of everyday life. Anyone can make major changes for victory in every area of life by applying the Word of God.

Many of you have shared your testimonies in this book. Looking for the e-book or print version? Try Amazon, Barnes & Noble, kobo, Scribd