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We were created to do life with God and with others.  We believe that the sense of belonging to a community is very important, so we offer many opportunities to get involved and to serve our church family, our larger community and our world.
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Children hold a very special place in God's heart and in ours as well. During both services on Sunday we encourage and strengthen a spiritual connection with God as they engage in worship, Bible study, crafts, games, and prayer. We guarantee that your child will be valued and their lives will be enriched.


Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 we work on raising a future generation of young people who know God through Jesus Christ and live empowered by the Holy Spirit. We teach them that this comes from a personal relationship with Jesus. We encourage them to find their identity in Christ so that they are equipped to be lights in this broken world.

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The Boston Globe says that the biggest threat to men's health is not obesity or smoking but loneliness, not having friends.  We believe that men need healthy close friendships as much as women do.  We are a band of brothers where it is safe to be in process, safe to share our struggles as well as our victories.  We study the Bible together, pray together, play together, and serve together.


We believe that women need to have a safe place where they can come and learn God's Word together, fellowship with each other, and pray for one another. There are a couple of different ways for women to get involved in these groups. On Wednesday mornings, from 9-11AM, we have an Interdenominational women's Bible study at the Gathering Place. Every woman is invited to come and grow with us as we pursue Jesus in every area of our lives. We offer free childcare and breakfast every week! We also have a lovely group of women who meet on Monday evenings at 7PM. They love to pray together, dig into God's Word and encourage each other.

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IGNITE is our Wednesday evening inter-generational group has something for everyone! We meet from 6:30-8PM at the Gathering Place. We believe that God wants to ignite in us a love for Him and a love for others that can transform our families, neighborhoods, community and world. We have classes for children from preschool through 5th grade. The middle and highschool students get to join in with our youth group, and the adults have their own time of fellowship and study so we can become the men and women God is calling us to be.


Every Sunday morning join us for either breakfast before our first service or lunch after second service. This is a time for conversation and connection. If you love to cook we'd love for you to bring a dish to share. If not, don't hesitate to stay and enjoy. We also always appreciate help cleaning up afterwards.

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