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About us

The Gathering began with a dream.  In November 2005 thirty passionate folks met in a living room to discuss the start of a different kind of church.  It would be a safe place for spiritual investigation, formation and for growth.  This new church would welcome everyone, even people who "don't do church."  It would be informal and contemporary and be outward-focused.  We would view ourselves as a "school of love," where together we learn to love God and love others. 

To this day these remain our values.  Our mission is to love the people of our community into a relationship with God and grow together as devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.  We strongly believe that people who feel God's love manifested in practical ways are much more willing to respond to the message of Jesus than those who feel manipulated or coerced. And we know that people feel most loved when they are served and listened to.  So ... that's what we do!

our Staff:
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.32.14 PM_edi
Frank Wiederrecht

Founding Pastor - Zealous snowboarder, wacky grandpa, terrible jokester. Pastor Frank passed away in 2022 but his legacy lives on!

Sara Phillippi

Pastor - Visionary, world traveler and avid follower of British television, Bible enthusiast and teacher

Ann Wiederrecht

Worship Director - Perpetual college student, book worm, the "Chocolate Chip cookie lady."

Courtney Howell

Children's Church Director - Creative, passionate, loving, and determined woman of God

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 12.28.00 PM_ed
Darren Warren

Pastoral Assistant - Mr. Clean, fitness junkie and Do-It-Yourselfer

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.30.38 AM_ed
Sherri Warren

Pastoral Assistant - Mrs. Incredible, math wiz, problem solver extraordinaire.

Daviette Calderon

Administrative Assistant- Loving, generous visionary, apostle to Belize, incredible mom and friend

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